Monday, February 11, 2013

The Week That Wouldn't End!

Last Friday I had a stomach virus.  Honestly I wasn't able to do much all weekend.  Then after a couple of 12 hour work days, I was really dragging.  A parent/teacher meeting that did not go well at all.  Several 8th grade projects that would require my help.  Another phone call from the school.  What two in one week?  What's that about?  Thursday night I began to have chest pains.  I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for a new week to start.

Of course, with all that going on, you must realize I didn't stitch very much.  In fact, I'm embarrassed to show you my little progress - less than 400 stitches in one week!  And on a HAED at that.  But here it is.....

For a short period of time, I considered just working on this another week.  But I really needed some cheering up. So I went ahead as planned with my new start.  This is a horrible picture of the project I just started.  I'm so sorry.  I really don't know what went wrong.  Plaid Greetings by Ladybug Lane Designs from Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments 2009. 

I have to tell you after a week of almost no stitching, it felt wonderful to sit down for a little while last night and stitch! 

We still have some of the 8th grade work to catch up on.  And, of course, I still have to work every day but hopefully I will have more stitching time this week and a lot less stress!


  1. So sorry to read you have not been well, hope you are fully recovered now.. I love that Nativity scene and I shall pop back to see how your HAED gets on. Good luck on the rotation.

    Chris x

  2. Your HAED looks pretty. I hope to get that much progress on mine some day! What a cute ornament to cheer you up!