Friday, November 8, 2013


Why do teens think the world revolves around them?

Why are sons so much like their dads causing them to always be butting heads?

Why does each one - father and son - swear I take the other's side?

How did I become the enemy?

I really don't expect an answer...I just needed to get it out.  But if you do have some insights I'd love to hear them.

Absolutely no stitching to report.  At least it's the weekend. 


  1. I taught teenagers for years: as a biologist I can say that the hormones teens have which kick in like some overdose are actually re-wiring neurons in the brain, transforming them from children to adults. And sadly while they go through this phase it is like having 6 feet two year olds in the house.

    It will pass I promise. Re the hubby, well darned if I ever worked any man out! Think of it as two six foot toddlers in the house. Sometimes I think I am over qualifed for the UN I do so much peacemaking!

    Take Care!

  2. No worries... The boy is just going through adolescent egocentrism and taking the steps of separating from parents to peers. Your stitcheranon friend is correct. It'll pass with him... Long about the time he graduates high school and gets out in the real world he'll have it figured out a little better.
    I have no offerings for the hubby... as you know I'm a single girl.

    Smile ��